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About me    

I moved to Poland in April 2017.
The reason I decided to live is because I love Poland. Just it. Not for work. Not for someone.
It's very simple, but challenging

I have over 20 years' experience as a freelance writer in Japan. 
Mainly I wrote for business and financial fields for Editorial advertising of newspapers or magazines. Recently, I contribute articles related to Poland and Japan to leading Japanese magazines.

Some of my articles for Japanese Media (written in Japanese only)↓

I've started up my business (Hoop Creation) by using incubator in Warsaw. 
I support Polish companies that want to do business to Japanese market.

Road to Poland
First time I came to Poland in 2013. It was a bit like coincidence. In my first plan, I was planning to stay in Copenhagen and Stockholm to visit my friends.
But it changed to Copenhagen and Warszawa. I stayed only 3 nights in Poland,
but I felt "I like this country".
So, the next year I came again and stayed for 2weeks.
I felt "I really like this country".
After I came back to Japan, I started organizing Polish events in Tokyo personally.

I organized 10 events in 2 years.
Like Pierogi night, pączki night. For pierogi night I made 200 pierogi.
At Tłusty czwartek 2017, I made 150 pączki. 
My friends said I'm the most enthusiastic Poland lover in Tokyo.

Through the events, I got many Polish friends. The more I know Poland, the more I love Poland. In 2016 I stayed Poland for 2 months and decide to move here.
I came here in April 2017 to live. I'm feeling Poland is my place.
I hope my business help to develop for Polish companies.

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