Providing PR Strategy focused on Japan


I provide ●Japanese writing (website, facebook page, brochure, presentation documents, etc), ●event planning, ●consultation, ●coaching of Japanese writing.  

I think PR is like a match making between needs of consumers and the characteristics of products.
Many companies use translated materials for PR. But Translation is insufficient to fulfill its role, because it just switched the language.

I can build a PR that combines the need between clients and consumers. 
I know Japanese consumers' tendency and I can meet you directly to hear the explanation of the products/company.
Face to face meeting is very effective to get product's special features and company's philosophy.

For a company

wants to start selling products to consumers in Japan right now

Setting up online shop in Japanese.

You don't have to go to Japan. Just catch a nice Japanese copywriter. Then you can approach to Japanese consumers directly from Poland. 

It is suitable especially for companies that have difficulty to change the product line to meet the Japanese demand such as supply volume and regulation.


For a company 

found a distributor in Japan and thinking about how to PR


Making contents focused on Japanese preference.

Even if you got the distributor, it's not a goal. It's beginning.
You should consider how Japanese consumers can enjoy shopping your products. Providing the attractive info that is written in Japanese will help the promotion.
Besides, I can cooperate with your distributor. We can communicate in Japanese.

For a company 

selling Japanese products in Poland and need promotion

Event planning/organizing.

Event is classic but it is a useful way to differentiate. It can be a motivation for purchase.

I can plan events by using 'Sense of Japan' . It'll be unique for Polish people.

Also, I can plan event/seminar that held in Japanese.